MNG Life

Recruitment Staff Referral Program

We encourage our people to refer suitable candidates to the company to fill vacant positions. In acknowledgement of the referral, we offer a voucher once the new member of staff commences followed by a cash bonus once the new staff member has completed four months of service.

Salary Continuance Insurance

We provide and pay for a disablement benefit under our Group Salary Continuance Insurance. This warrants the companys support for our employees through times that result from serious injury or protracted illness which can lead to an inability to attend work for a long period of time. The benefit also provides for total or partial disability payments.

Work life balance and flexible working environment

We believe that work life and family balance is of the utmost importance to the well-being of our people. We recognise that at times it will be necessary for you to balance your professional life with other responsibilities. We can provide flexible work options that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Transition to part-time
  • Variation to start and finish times
  • Working non-standard hours
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • An offsite confidential counselling service encompassing financial and legal assistance to you and your immediate family.
  • Free flu vaccinations
  • We provide to all employees free flu vaccinations each year in preparation for flu season.

Professional Memberships

Our Professional Development Program facilitates memberships with Professional Associations for relevant and work-related purpose.

Our Safety and Fitness

Our dedication to provide a safe work environment includes safety inductions, seminars and workshops. This also extends to include health and fitness initiatives.

Our philosophy is that all injuries are preventable and MNG has adopted an approach of Zero Harm to people, property and the natural environment. The aim is to eliminate all injuries, illnesses and incidents via the ongoing commitment to improvement of practices and maintainance of compliance with statutory obligations.

Our Social Activities

Our workplace cultural foundation is based on a family environment and social interaction. Balancing work and family commitments is paramount to MNG. Throughout the year we provide you and your family with the opportunity to enjoy social events, which include:

  • Christmas in July
  • Corporate Triathlons
  • Fishing Trips
We also celebrate our achievements and recognise our staff's milestones by organising social gatherings such as office sundowners, morning teas and barbeques.

Continuing Professional Development

We support continuing professional development and offer assistance where there is a direct benefit to the role being performed. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) leave is available of up to 5 days per year.