All going to plan

1st August 2017

All going to plan: MNG helps Landgate develop landmark data lodgement project.

A team of MNG staff members have been praised for playing a key role helping Landgate evolve their plan data lodgement systems.

Trevor Veen, Scott Wittber and Stuart Thomson had their efforts officially recognised at a special ceremony held at the Western Australian Institution of Surveyors Conference, Friday 21 July 2017 at the University of WA.

Now live, the New Land Registry-Plan (known as NLR-P) allows Landgate customers to lodge their plan data in an all new digital format, leading to significantly faster turnaround times.

The NLR-P replaces the time intensive PDF/CSD lodgement method with an easy-to-use, interactive portal that automates and streamlines Landgates internal processes. It also allows data to be validated against Landgate systems before lodgement, and assists surveyors with richer data exchange opportunities.

Murray Dolling, Principal Consultant (Surveying) and Inspector of Plans and Surveys at Landgate, paid tribute to MNGs valuable role.

On behalf of Landgate, I thank you for the participation of your firm in the Landgate Surveyor Working Group for the Registrations Reform Plan Project, said Mr Dolling.

Landgate appreciates the positive contribution that Trevor, Scott and Stuart have made to the successful development of the NLR-P.