Safety is No Accident at MNG - ISO Certified -Team Verified

10th January 2020

MNG is pleased to announce that following Global-Marks audit of the business in November 2019 we have successfully obtained accreditation to the new International Safety Standard ISO 45001:2018. At the same time, we have also been recertified for AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 and AS/NZS/ 4801:2001 for Quality Management and Safety Standards. The certification is for the provision of Surveying, Mapping and Utility Locating Services.

In their audit Global Mark noted that "staff demonstrated a committed and determined team who are focussed on delivering good service". They also reported that key strengths of the business included The level of Take 5's completed in the field and the support for Mental Health Awareness. This achievement is not possible without the entire team being committed to the cause and proving that Safety is No Accident at MNG. It is a culture that is engrained within all staff and the fabric of business.

MNG CEO, Scott Anderson, is vehement on supporting the quality and safety culture through direct actions. Innovations in safety management has led to better productivity and savings in insurance premiums and creating a structure that will enable the business to achieve safety and quality for the future.

A complete bottom up, top down approach is taken at MNG with respect to safety. The Board of Directors accept ultimate responsibility for the Health Safety and Environmental Management System, but this is enabled and enacted by everyone at MNG.