Engineering Surveying, Utility Locating & Mapping

Lilydale Memorial Park new grave infrastructure

PROJECT: Lilydale Memorial Park new grave infrastructure survey | Melbourne, VIC

CLIENT: Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT)


Located in Melbourne’s east, Lilydale Memorial Park has been specifically curated to blend the Yarra Valley’s traditional native flora and fauna with manicured garden areas, creating a natural and peaceful setting.
Originally part of the Lilydale Cemeteries Trust formed in 1863, Lilydale Memorial Park includes a mausoleum, memorial, chapel, function, burial and crematorium facility.


As a place of visitation and remembrance, a fundamental requirement of the project was to ensure that all contracted works be completed as discretely and quickly as possible.
Visible markings were to be kept to an absolute minimum, out of respect to the surroundings and sensitivities of the location. In addition to this, It was imperative that minimal disruption be caused to staff and visitors whilst attending the site. This would be of particular importance whilst memorial services were being conducted.
MNG were engaged to complete a feature survey of the cemetery, to support the design and construction of new grave infrastructure.


MNG conducted the utility detection and surveying in careful consultation with GMCT landscape architects and site management, to ensure our works did not disrupt or in any way interfere with the daily operations of the park.
With upmost care and discretion MNG staff ensured that there was minimal evidence of our attendance and that our works were completed quickly and efficiently.
Although ground marking of utilities detected by Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) was part of the site requirements, MNG made sure works were kept discrete and minimalist.


MNG were onsite for two days and delivered finished digital spatial data and plans to GMCT within seven days of completion of the works.
Our spatial data will inform the design of future infrastructure, provide a single point of truth for design consultants, and aid the preparation of construction documentation.

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