Laser Scanning (LiDAR)

Craigieburn West Mickleham road survey

PROJECT: Craigieburn West Mickleham Road Survey | Craigieburn Vic

CLIENT: Peet Limited


Craigieburn is located 32 kilometres north of Melbourne within the Hume City Council and a key part of the Northern Growth Corridor.

The Peet Limited site is adjacent Mickleham Road and adjoins their award-winning Aston development. This significant parcel will contain predominantly residential communities and open parklands.
Mickleham Road is a busy two-lane arterial road leading the rapidly developing north to metropolitan Melbourne.


Surveying works were required by Peet Limited for the design of two intersections on Mickleham Road to service the site and adjoining the Aston community.

The design of these major intersections required accurate and dense survey data of all features including important river red gums, extensive existing utility infrastructure and road surfaces. Due to tight project timelines, there was a requirement for a rapid turnaround of survey data to support the engineering and drainage design.

The busy road could also not realistically be accessed with traditional survey techniques, as any works on the road would have required disruptive temporary signalling, stopping traffic.


MNG proposed a mix of high accuracy scanning solutions to provide a consolidated dataset for the client. MNG captured Aerial Laser Scanning (LiDAR) and imagery over the surroundings at the start of the project to enable a multitude of future uses of this valuable spatial data. One use included 3D tree mapping to identify significant river red gums across the site.

To supplement the aerial survey, MNG deployed the use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) systems to capture dense point cloud data over the road surface to combine with the aerial data.
A considerable benefit of utilising LiDAR and TLS was a significant reduction in the amount of time spent on site. Thus minimising any disruption to traffic and ensuring surveyors could complete the important works in a safe manner.


MNG provided holistic survey services that included a number of innovative offerings to assist Peet Limited with the design and construction elements of their project.

Supplying one complete and dense spatial dataset (as a point cloud and extracted features) enabled the optioning of design concepts, scenario testing and ultimately supported better design outcomes for the client.

The detailed point cloud provided dense 3D spatial information on road surfaces and surrounding infrastructure. It also allows for further interrogation and data mining without ever needing to revisit the site to capture extra features.

Deliverables including the point cloud, aerial imagery, 3D and 2D CAD datasets and spherical imagery (like Google StreetView) were successfully issued to Peet Limited.

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