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From the roads and railways that connect cities and towns across the country to the energy and communications networks powering our businesses and communities, infrastructure is vital. Making the right decisions about what goes where, when and why is even more fundamental. We’ll help you do exactly that, whether you’re planning and constructing an industrial complex, shopping centre, superstructure or transport corridor.

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We have the best talent to build and shape the world we live in.

Construction is the foundation of virtually every business. Whether it’s a single-level or high-rise development, pre-planning with our team will ensure that the project is just right.

Our engineering, civil and construction surveying team will work hand-in-hand with your architects, engineers and site personnel.


Our terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) teams work across Australia to capture, visualise and model complex structures, sites and infrastructure.

  • Fast, safe and accurate LiDAR solutions
  • High definition, minimal disruption
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Engineering and asset management
  • Scan-derived products in the format you require

Ask us about our engineering survey solutions.

Set-out. Stake-out. Pick-up. As-built. Monitoring. Whatever your needs, we have the engineering, civil and construction survey experience and resources to not only complete your project but add value to it.

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