From above the waterline to sub-bottom profiles, our hydrographic, bathymetric and seismic survey services are quick, safe and cost-effective. Our highly experienced hydrographic surveyors deliver accurate detail on and below the seafloor, giving you complete clarity and peace of mind.

We’ve got you covered.

Monitoring waterways. Developing marine infrastructure. Environmental studies.

With a range of vessels, we provide flexible hydrographic survey solutions for a diverse range of environments.

A host of services available.

  • Harbour maintenance
  • River, estuary and sea wall surveys
  • Debris and clearance surveys
  • Coastal vulnerability mapping
  • Coastal hazard identification
  • Beach and canal profiling
  • Dredging and engineering surveys
  • Shallow marine geophysics
  • Aquaculture planning

Safety is paramount.

Our purpose-built vessels are Australian Maritime Safety Association certified and operated by qualified coxswains.

So, whatever the hydrographic challenge, you can rest assured your survey is in the best hands.

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