MNG thrives on the exceptional delivery of strategic planning and direction. Our people are our most valuable asset, critical to delivering our business' strategic direction and planning.

We plan to further leverage our brand and reputation into rapidly growing markets where our expertise and capabilities can provide leading edge, innovative solutions to industry whilst providing greater career development opportunities to our people.

We are interested in partnering with our employees as they navigate their individual career pathways, and our aim is to nurture a culture that inspires excellence and innovation whilst promoting a positive work life balance.

In contrast to the increasing industry trend of outsourcing processing to international companies, we believe there are significant opportunities for Australian companies to undertake data processing and value added services.

We want to assist in the generation of a viable Australian industry, which means innovating with both our products and service offers, inside a landscape that is increasingly focused on data acquisition, processing and value-adding services.

Our ability to create new and comprehensive solutions for our customers is one of the driving forces behind our dedication to ensuring best practice is consistently met within the industry.

- Scott Anderson, CEO

MNG Board

Scott Anderson
Managing Director
Steve Maughan
Stuart Torode
Alan Prudames
Non-Executive Director
Nicole Lockwood
Non-Executive Director


MNG is proudly committed to supporting deserving charities as chosen by MNG staff, with Perth Children's Hospital Foundation and Cancer Council WA being popularly nominated. On top of the direct donation of $10,000 per charity the company will also be matching staff donations dollar for dollar through workplace giving programs open to MNG staff.

Cancer Council

MNG is also working with Cancer Council to assist on a range of initiatives including accommodation lodges for regionally based cancer patients undergoing treatment in Perth. Having this accommodation readily available to cancer patients and their families saves patients and their loved ones the costs associated with hotels or motels that would invariably provide additional stress in an already stressful situation.

Perth Children's Hospital Foundation

The company's collaboration with Perth Children's Hospital Foundation aims to raise funds for specialised, cutting edge and innovative computer software called TraumaCad. The addition of the TraumaCad software to the orthopaedics department will make bone realignment operations on children much safer and more predictable for surgeons. It will allow a surgeon to template which implants to use prior to fixation of fractures. The surgeon will be able to see the effect that a child's surgery is likely to have before surgery even occurs.

Sporting Clubs

MNG is also a proud sponsor of community and sporting groups in regional Western Australia, providing financial assistance to ensure the groups are able to engage in their sport or activity with facilities and equipment required to compete and participate successfully. Such sponsorships include partnerships with Centrals Football and Sporting Club in Newman and Port Hedland United Football Club.