MNG announces the launch of MNG SubSpatial

10 May 2022

McMullen Nolan Group (MNG) is excited to announce the launch of MNG SubSpatial, a new business unit focussed to geophysical investigations utilising advanced spatial modelling.

With over three decades of experience MNG is renowned for their expertise and depth of knowledge across a multitude of surveying disciplines.  Originally focused on the land development sector MNG has expanded their services to include aerial, hydrographic surveying, photogrammetry, and cartographic mapping.  Furthermore, MNG has pioneered 3D laser scanning and mobile mapping with LiDAR systems across the nation.  Delivering complex data into detailed and accurate spatial models which can be readily viewed in 3D visualisation solutions is a now a core strength of MNG.  Innovation is a fundamental philosophy within the business and with continued investment in personnel, training and technology has enabled MNG to be at the forefront of the surveying and spatial industries across Australia.

Geophysical surveying is primarily engaged in gathering, interpreting, and mapping geophysical data, for locating and measuring the extent of subsurface features.  Typically associated with resources such as oil, gas and minerals, geophysical investigations are also for engineering purposes.  Embracing a variety of surveying techniques including seismic, magnetic, gravity, electrical and electromagnetic and remote sensing, geophysicists provide insights into the complexities that are hidden beneath the ground.  MNG SubSpatial harnesses these core techniques with MNG’s advanced knowledge in spatial modelling.

MNG SubSpatial will initially be centred in Melbourne and managed by Tavis Lavell. Aligned with the company’s strategic plan MNG SubSpatial builds upon its core business in supporting east coast growth in the land development market and infrastructure sectors. Additionally, MNG SubSpatial will further strengthen MNG’s Spatial Modelling and Analysis with Real-time Technologies (SMART) surveying initiatives.  The SMART solutions provide highly detailed surveys of complex structures, inclusive of subsurface utilities, to create highly accurate 3D models which can be intuitively visualised in Extended Reality.  Now MNG SubSpatial will add the missing elements of the subterranean world such that a section through a project will detail assets captured from aerial systems above the ground to incorporate the physical composition of the subsurface that lies beneath the ground.

Geophysical surveys in the land development sector have proven to be invaluable across greater Melbourne in the past few years as MNG launched their business in Victoria.  Unlike Perth, two thirds of greater Melbourne is situated on igneous rock in the form of basaltic lava flows from Victoria’s active volcanic field. This rock is extremely hard and possess a highly variable depth, which has led to costly and timely overruns in both excavation and construction within the land development market and infrastructure sectors. The acquisition of this rock survey data has been shown to reduce site uncertainty, unforeseen earthwork costs and financial risk to developers, engineering firms and construction companies. Working hand in hand with traditional intrusive geotechnical methods, this data can be presented in a variety of ways, which can be encompassed with a topography model, producing a very comprehensive site classification package.

Scott Anderson, CEO and Managing Director of MNG said, “It’s exciting to see another one of MNG’s growth initiatives come to life by increasing our service offering in Victoria, through the launch of MNG SubSpatial. This is an exhilarating period for MNG to once again raise the bar in the delivery of spatial services across Australia.”

“True to the core beliefs of the business, Teamwork – Innovation – Knowledge has delivered MNG SubSpatial,” concluded Mr. Anderson.

Geophysics – MNG SubSpatial