3D Visualisation

MNG has been working closely with Skyline Software Systems since 2004 to successfully deliver various levels of 3D solutions for customers over the past 8 years with an increasing software user base in Australia. The Skyline Software Suite provides software tools for enabling the Visualisation of GIS data in 3 dimensions.

Skyline Software Systems have been supplying interactive desktop, enterprise and web based visualisations solutions for more than 10 years. Skyline Software Systems provides the world's most advanced enterprise geospatial visualisation tools with an unsurpassed level of geospatial support and development capability.

The 3D solution is highly scalable and efficient, which allows the expansion of the area or complexity of the model in the future as required. Skyline's software solutions integrate very thoroughly with IntraMaps, ESRI and other spatial systems.

Geographic Information Systems

When involved in activities involving data capture, analysis and management, a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) is a must. Ensuring clients recognize the true value of their data, MNG provides a range of mobile and web based GIS solutions.

MNG's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capabilities include an extensive suite of software and skills to provide support services to a wide range of public and private sector clientele. With an ability for in house software development and customisation to provide leading tools for data management and conversions, MNG ensures clients maximise their GIS investment.


  • Application development and support
  • Web solutions
  • Database design and development
  • Data capture and conversion
  • System Installations and configurations
  • Consulting Services
  • Data translations
  • Conversions to standard and local map projections
  • Ownership maps
  • Plan production and maps with various overlays

3D City Model - Adelaide City Council