Providing a complete range of print and electronic graphic solutions, MNG is able to maximise the value of client data with graphical representation through the company's specialist cartographic services.

From initial graphic design, content creation and final print production, the company's efficient pricing structure and ability to work to stringent timelines provides personalised graphic solutions to clients when it matters most.

Housing a team of cartographers, computer programmers, graphic designers and web developers, MNG provides personalised print and electronic marketing solutions for integration with existing client sales and marketing activities.

MNG is also a renowned supplier of Solid Terrain Models. Solid Terrain Models combines flat maps, satellite or aerial imagery and 3-dimensional terrain models to provide clear display communication and information.

Cartographic Services

  • Estate Plans and Street Directories
  • Sales and Individual Site Plans
  • Promotional Marketing Material
  • Specialty Maps
  • Solid Terrain Models
  • Web development and Hosting
  • Short and Long print runs
  • Data Conversion


MNG specialises in the provision of high quality mapping services and related products including Topographic Mapping, Orthophotos, Colour Balanced Mosaics and Digital Terrain Models.

Since inception, one of the company's core strengths is our well trained and professional staff that has adopted the latest state-of-the art photogrammetric technologies to our client's greatest advantage. With attention to detail and using modern techniques the company has been involved with diverse projects locally, interstate and abroad.

Safety First

With data capture happening from the air, there is no need to enter danger-zones like road carriageways or active mine areas to collect required data. Utilising cutting-edge 3D software we can provide a free 3D viewer that allows for detailed and accurate site orientation before new personnel arrive on-site, reducing the risk of safety concerns brought by unfamiliarity with the area. Issues relating to land owner permission to access land are also minimised, reducing chances for confrontation.

No Disruptions

With minimal control requirements there is no need to disrupt mine or road traffic while capturing large areas accurately. Machinery does not need to be shut down, nor does data acquisition need to take place at predetermined times when traffic or operational activities are reduced. The sky really is the limit!

A Photo is Worth 1,000 Words

You are not limited by line-of-site data collection with digital aerial photography. We can obtain large areas of data that can be viewed and reviewed to extract new information or to obtain greater detail. With economies of scale, we can collect more data than is processed in the first instance, but is retained, should you need to expand your area of interest in the future.

Photograph Maps (Ortho-photographs)

A photograph map, or ortho-photograph, is a photo-mosaic that allows you to accurately measure distances as you would on a topographic map but with far more detail. The MNG Spatial Services team are experts at creating colour balanced, seamless photo-mosaics, from which photo maps are made. In the process we create a Digital Terrain Model, which is a detailed model of the ground in 3D that allows for accurate cut/fill volumes, calculations and modelling of earthworks.