Utility Locating & Modelling

MNG Locate enhances the quality of utility locating and modelling with spatial data. Teamed with knowledge, personnel and equipment, we are ready to undertake all your subsurface locating requirements and can provide a complete solution for any project.

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Our technicians are equipped with the most advanced & accurate technology for all electromagnetic subsurface investigations. Save time, money and peace of mind doing the job the first time with the right equipment.

Avoid costly blowouts and find those plastic pipes quicker! We are able to locate non-conductive subsurface utilities in a safe and timely manner through the use of our high end dual frequency ground penetrating radars.

The MNG Locate team work to the Australian Standards for Classification of Subsurface Utility Information AS5488-2013.

  • Quality Level A - Pothole to positively identify utility locating of underground assets
  • Quality Level B - Subsurface feature locating ±300mm tolerance
  • Quality Level C - Indication, location and attributes of the utility assets
  • Quality Level D – Information only from existing records, if available

In addition to the above our comprehensive range of services extend to the following

  • Clearance scans for geotechnical investigations
  • Domestic utility locating investigations
  • Vacuum excavation
  • Comprehensive detailed mapping plan

Our trenchless excavation system is the safest machine over conventional excavation. Achieve a positive Quality Level A with MNG Locate, this unit is ideal in all soil types to successfully identify assets in your project area.


MNG Locate utilises state of the art technology and software to locate subsurface assets subsequently delivering comprehensive spatial information models.

Our team of professional personnel are experienced in subsurface locating. Through thorough communication, we will ensure you have the data you need to make informed decisions for your project.

Detailed results are supplied promptly after the completion of your scope, providing you with the real data you need to progress your project.


MNG Locate recognise that both your safety and our safety is paramount, our team work to the Australian Standards for Classification of Subsurface Utility Information AS5488- 2013.