6th January 2021

A significant milestone in Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) was celebrated in 2020 as MNG (MNG) achieved ten years of continual service in the MLS market. As one of Australia's leading innovators in MLS, Perth headquartered survey and spatial information business MNG, continued their stronghold as market leader with the recent purchase of the new Riegl VMX-2HA MLS system.

The initial thrust in laser scanning began in 2001 with the acquisition of a Leica Cyrax 2500 terrestrial laser scanner, which was followed, by a series of Leica scanners including the HDS 3000, 6000, C10, 7000, P30, P40 and the RTC360 models. The range of equipment was only surpassed by the surveyors at MNG who developed and honed their skills and knowledge in laser scanning techniques and systems that put them at the forefront of 3D scanning systems in Australia.

A worldwide search in 2009 for an MLS system soon established that no turnkey solution would achieve the demanding accuracies required for a vehicle-based system. Subsequently the innovative streak with MNG saw approval from the MNG board to commence upon the development of an MLS system. Inhouse engineering skills to successfully integrate laser scanners, inertial measurement units, global navigation satellite systems, imagery sensors along with the necessary computer software were put to the test. However, within a year MNG embarked upon their first MLS survey in Australia for Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) upon a stretch of the Indian Ocean Drive at Greenhead in Western Australia.

The MLS system was designed to be secured to the vehicle's roof rack, and pivot from one side to the other, providing intersecting paths for the laser beam to minimise shadowing behind objects, and maximise accuracy of points within the survey point cloud. Of interest many systems with a single scanner operate with this principle today. The system proved to be hugely successful and was used on projects across Australia. The accuracies achieved with the system surpassed the original scope and the benefits of mobile laser scanning was soon to be realised. The system, internally known as, "The Rabbit" made its way across Australia, and was used on roads, railways, and boats.

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2nd December 2020

MNG is pleased to announce the appointment of Erica Haddon as a Non-Executive Director.

Erica replaces Nicole Lockwood as Chair of the MNG Board.

With an exemplary career as a Certified Practicing Accountant and expertise in innovation and transformational change Erica has a unique skill combination. Her broad industry background in Resources, Transport and Community Services, brings a wealth of notable experience to the MNG Board.

Scott Anderson, CEO and Managing Director of MNG, said "Erica's expansive history in strategic development and innovation will complement MNG's vision to pursue continued technological advancement and embrace organisational culture across the business. Erica recognises the importance of investing in people as well as technology, which is distinctly aligned with our corporate mission and growth strategy."

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19th October 2020

Australia's leading innovator in Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) technology, Western Australian based survey and spatial information firm MNG, continue their stronghold as market leader with the investment in a new MLS system, with delivery due in November 2020.

The new Riegl VMX-2HA dual scanner, complementing MNG's existing fleet of scanning systems, is a high speed, high performance mapping system that is ideal for surveys with demanding specifications. The revolutionary technology produces dense, accurate and feature-rich data and includes multiple camera systems for precisely georeferenced images. This further enables the system to capture detailed and reliable data for pavement analysis and crack indexing.

MLS systems have already assisted MNG to provide real-world solutions for clients across Australia on many freeways, railways, bridges, tunnels, waterways, and delivering benefits to clients and their projects. As the new Riegl VMX-2HA system is highly portable it will empower MNG to provide expanded services to the transportation and infrastructure markets throughout the nation.

Safety is paramount within the business and MLS technology permits surveyors to avoid working directly on roads and in dangerous environments, and almost eliminates the need for roads to be closed for survey work. Thus providing a safer working environment for all users, and minimising traffic disruption.

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4th May 2020

MNG is excited to announce Jamie Scoringe has been appointed Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of Corporate Services.

Mr Scoringe brings more than 30 years of experience in senior financial roles across a diverse range of industries, including Head of Finance for a national surveying company.

He joins MNG at a critical juncture as the company continues to expand its presence across Australia in the midst of unprecedented economic challenges.

"The global pandemic presents more uncertainty than weve known in our lifetimes," Mr Scoringe said. "My aim is to support the forward thinking to ensure MNG comes out of this period stronger than ever."

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15th April 2020

MNG is pleased to announce the appointment of Alan Prudames as a Non-Executive Director. He joins the board effective immediately. Based in Sydney, Alan brings over 40 years of experience in the survey and property development industries and his knowledge and expertise will prove invaluable as the company experiences significant growth in its east coast markets.

Scott Anderson, CEO of MNG, said the Board was extremely pleased to welcome Alan and it was an appointment well aligned to the vision and strategic planning of the organisation.

"Alan brings extensive business development and leadership experience, both of which will complement the current board as we continue to grow across the eastern seaboard. He is a well-recognised and trusted consultant with the depth of relationships necessary to support the expansion of our capabilities in laser scanning projects which are particularly in demand in these markets."

Mr Prudames said, "I have a long held respect and admiration for the executive leadership at MNG. Known for its leading innovation in our industry, I look forward to contributing towards its continued growth outside of Western Australia."

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