MNG Access: the key to faster project approvals

4th April 2017

The complex world of land development approvals just got a lot simpler after the launch of new easy-to-use software, MNG Access.

Developed almost exclusively in-house, MNG Access is designed to help land developers obtain fast, easy access to project documentation. Utilising secure cloud-based technology, the new online tool provides real-time project status updates from the convenience of your smart phone, allowing transparent tracking of various approvals and clearances.

MNG Access comprises two separate modules. The MAPS module allows conceptual plans to be uploaded into the portal so that field studies can be undertaken onsite in the real world. The PROJECT module provides 24/7 information access, empowering clients to make informed decisions anywhere in the world.

Together, the modules deliver land developers outstanding time and cost savings when planning multi-staged projects across numerous authorities with differing timelines and priorities. Another key benefit is that it is a comprehensive tool for feasibility studies as a part of the due diligence process in development site acquisitions.

MNG CEO Scott Anderson, working alongside Product Manager Steve Maughan, was instrumental in the development, look and feel of the final product. “MNG appreciates that any unnecessary delays in clearing documentation with the various authorities and government departments can lead to significant delays in the release of land titles,” said Mr Anderson. “MNG Access has been specifically designed to address this problem.

“Many land development clients are already discovering the ease of using the product. As each developer has their own projects that are securely locked, they can invite consultants to join, creating team collaboration as never before experienced. Furthermore, the ability to use MNG Access from a GPS enabled smart device allows site inspections to be undertaken with unprecedented efficiencies.

“No other product can achieve all of these functions in one simple format.”

MNG Access can be viewed today, talk to Gavin Taylor on 08 6436 1508 or via