Mongolian Study Tour

30th May 2018

MNG have been long time advocates of the surveying and spatial industry through many organisations including educational institutions, government organisations and private groups. We believe that in nurturing these relationships this will strengthen the overall industry and profession. Over the past five years MNG have partnered with Landgate in their Fellowship Program and this month we warmly welcomed representatives from Landgate, WA along with their colleagues from Mongolia at the Agency for Land Administration and Management, Geodesy and Cartography. The group are on tour which focusses on supporting effective governance of land resources to deliver sustainable economic growth. The group is hosted by Landgate as part of the DFAT's sponsored Australia Fellowship Award.

As one of Australia's largest privately owned surveying business, MNG enjoy a strong relationship with Landgate in Western Australia. Landgate saw the importance of the MNG business and wanted to show the group how private enterprise interacts with themselves. MNG provided an overarching theme of data management, innovation, Private Enterprise and Landgate and demonstrated how they have developed their own internal systems to assist their land development clients through the process to gaining property titles. The group were intrigued to see our database management systems, including MNG Access, which facilitate the process in NLR drafting portal, and the lodgement of Deposited Plans. Furthermore MNGs capabilities with GIS, 3D visualisation along with the Hologram Studio captivated the group.

All participants enjoyed the day learning more of the land tenure system and MNG. CEO Scott Anderson thanked everyone for their participation and welcomes the next study tour.

Pictured: MNG office staff, including CEO Scott Anderson with fellows from Mongolia.