Students strike gold on Dam good expedition

23rd August 2016

Ten final year Curtin University surveying students headed east to take part in the 2016 WA Student Survey Expedition on July 2 to 17.

Held every two years, the fourteen-day expeditions see mentors, sponsors and students travel to unique parts of WA where they "tread in the footsteps" of WA's pioneering surveyors.

One of MNG's founders, retired Licensed Surveyor and serial volunteer, Gerry Nolan attended this year's journey, which saw students undertake fieldwork throughout various Eastern Goldfields locations such as Niagara Dam, Kookynie, Gwalia and Karalee Rocks.

With all information gathered handed over to Landgate, the projects aren't just for experience sake they're real life practice.

Mr Nolan believes it's his responsibility to give back to the industry that provided him with a successful career.

"I want to inspire students, and it's a great recruitment exercise spotting the emerging surveyors," he said. "I also like getting back into the field again and revisiting my original love of surveying."

Due to the remoteness of the locations, five-star accommodation was few and far between.

"We camped for five nights at Niagara, which was very wet and extremely cold," recalled Mr Nolan. "We even took up residence at Leonora's local football clubrooms at one stage!"

But despite the lack of luxury, there were no long faces. Well, maybe one.

"Kookynie at least had a pub, which came with a free roaming trotting horse that would wander into the bar and say hello to the punters."

As a sponsor, MNG donated $2,000 towards this year's event.

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