The sky’s the limit: MNG’s Aerial Laser Scanning takes off over east

27th May 2016

MNG is reaching new heights, with demand for our high accuracy Aerial Laser Scanning services soaring. We’ve been working with various local councils and consultants since October 2014, using the innovative technology to provide high accuracy contour surveys, flood and drainage surveys, tree and vegetation assessment and coastal vulnerability studies.

Our Business Development Manager, Gavin Taylor, said the precision of the technology meant users can now pinpoint key insights into environments.

“It’s easy to see how valuable a tool it will become for analysing landscapes in the future,” he said.

“Recently, our Aerial Laser Scanning technology was combined with a multispectral camera and a thermal camera to provide a highly detailed report on the health of trees and vegetation, capturing heat island impacts as well as vegetation areas and contours.”

With Aerial Laser Scanning’s benefits now demonstrated on a local scale, MNG is setting its sights higher, heading for the Sunshine State to implement this exciting technology in its first major project.

“Its proven high accuracy has certainly sparked interest interstate,” commented Gavin. “Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads has engaged MNG to conduct an aerial survey in the Far North to assist in route alignment planning along a 100-kilometre access road near Chillagoe.

“We look forward to taking to the skies and assisting the government with this great project.”