UDIA members' kindness benefits MNG's charities

30th June 2014

MNG will make more than $1,500 worth of donations to the company’s charity partners – Variety, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and Cancer Council WA – on behalf of the community minded attendees of UDIA’s annual quiz, which was held last Wednesday night.

As a proud silver level sponsor of the outlook@UDIA quiz, MNG had the opportunity to present each attendee with an MNG branded gift. However, in lieu of guests heading home with an MNG trinket, the company gave them the opportunity to donate $10 of MNG MONEY to one of its three charity partners. The initiative was well supported on the night, with more than 150 attendees filling in their donation slips (pictured on the table) and nominating one of the charities to receive their $10 donation, which MNG will proudly make to the charities on behalf of the quiz attendees this week.

MNG has supported Variety, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and Cancer Council WA initiatives since 2013, with the company proudly making significant annual contributions to all three charities and matching MNG staff donations dollar for dollar.

MNG's partnership with Variety aims to assist with raising funds for its Motor Mouth Camp initiative. This is a five day, four night camp for school aged children who cannot speak and rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aids to express themselves. Combining fun, intensive therapy and training for children, parents, siblings and carers, Campers receive one-on-one support from volunteer speech, occupational and physio therapists - opening up a whole new world of communication.

Our collaboration with Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation aims to raise funds for specialised, cutting edge and innovative computer software called TraumaCad. The addition of TraumaCad software to the orthopaedics department at PMH makes bone realignment operations on children much safer and more predictable for surgeons. It allows surgeons to template which implants to use prior to fixation of fractures and see the effect that a child's surgery is likely to have before surgery commences.

MNG is working with Cancer Council WA to assist on a range of initiatives including accommodation lodges for regionally based cancer patients undergoing treatment in Perth. Having this accommodation readily available to cancer patients and their families saves patients and their loved ones the costs associated with hotels or motels that would invariably provide additional stress in an already stressful situation.

MNG wishes to extend its thanks and gratitude to the UDIA quiz attendees for their support of MNG’s highly valued charity partners – Cancer Council WA, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and Variety.