MNG’s vision for Reconciliation is to lead the way in the surveying and spatial industry by purposely connecting, understanding, respecting, and embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture, traditions, and stories into MNG’s day-to-day business decisions, service, and relationships.

We are committed to planning, leading, and delivering sustainable change to forward Reconciliation in Australia. We want to empower our staff to learn and make an active contribution to Reconciliation by being more culturally aware and drawing on the unique perspectives of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and stakeholders.

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‘The First’


For over 60,000 years the First Nation’s people of Australia have navigated the country with the use of the constellations, water resources and land formations. This is passed down within generations by way of songlines, dance, art and stories. This knowledge also reveals the changing weather, seasonal foods, migrating animals, sacred and ceremonial sites and boundaries of each tribe/clan’s country.

The artwork is made up of different layers, shapes and colours- this is to show the difference in terrains, colours and layers of the lands, waters and skies.  The blue circles represent the constellations and their formations that help guide us, and the red circles depict the red colours throughout the sky at sunrise and sunset. The green to blue gradient background represent the land travelled- from the green forests to the blue seas. From the East coasts to the West coasts of the lands.

The orange coloured circles represent the red dirt throughout the land- from North Western Victoria and New South Wales, to Central Queensland and the Northern Territory, to North Western Australia.

From an aerial point of view, you can see the different formations over the land- the mountain ranges, caves, wildflowers and bushes, and the formation lines of the waterways and deserts. The caves hold ancestral knowledge and items of great worth to our people- they also provide shelter, they provide a look out over country, and they provide a bird’s eye view for the boundaries of our country and that of our neighbour’s’.

There are meeting places which are near waterholes, creeks, or caves. They provide the sharing of knowledge, learning, awareness, respect, connections, and inclusivity.  Also shown are animal tracks, footprints, people, and boundary lines- it is important to have a connection to the land and remember the responsibility that we have to care for her and what she sustains us with.  The First Nation’s people hold a deep and strong spiritual connection to Country.  This is the foundation of our identity, the connection to our ancestors, and the passing of knowledge to future generations.


My name is Brenda Mau and I am a Manudubarra (Mamu), KalKadoon, Wuthathi, Ngadjonjii and Torres Strait Islander woman connectioned to Waiben (Thursday Island). I was born on Mamu Country, the Country of my maternal Ancestors. I am a wife, mother of two boys, own and run two small businesses, as well as completed artworks for companies such as Philips, AMES Australia and Fenner. I have always been artistic from a young age, but it wasn’t until towards the end of my mining career that I knew I wanted to put together my love of art and the love of my culture, and use that to maintain and strengthen the relationships between First Nations and non-Indigenous communities. I love expressing my individual creativity, and continue to learn more about identity and connections to the lands, waters and stars.

Community Engagement

We are thrilled to be joining the Kimberley Spirit Football Program, as Program Partner for 2023.

The Program is an outstanding pathway for young, aspiring footballers from the Kimberley region, providing them with access to Talent & Development Programs in Western Australia.

This partnership will be instrumental in helping Kimberley Spirit footballers reach their full potential, both on and off the field. We plan to assist them through potential employment and training opportunities at MNG.


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