Minimising timeframes, costs and uncertainty.

You’ll find our environmental surveying and modelling specialists using our cutting-edge aerial LiDAR and surveying tech across Australia. We’re used to deploying rapidly and cost effectively, working with subject matter experts – from data analysts to hydrologists – to empower our clients. We’ll give you whatever environmental insights and specifications you need, whenever and wherever you need us.

We’re using our knowledge and tech to assist renewable energy providers.

We’re applying our environmental surveying and terrain mapping for wind modelling to the challenge of making Australia’s wind and solar farms as efficient as possible.

Forestry and urban flora.

Our capability in forestry and urban flora monitoring and management is equally impressive.

We apply our aerial laser scanning and surveying expertise to everything from forest mapping in remote and regional areas to urban-forest and green-area management, right down to providing vital NDVI, foliage health and species identification data.

We provide laser-sharp environmental imagery and insights.

As our climate changes, water and flood monitoring and modelling is another area of increasing focus for our surveying and mapping experts.

We’re deploying our teams and the most advanced aerial LiDAR and surveying tech to uncover vital insights into our changing coastline, flood zones, groundwater and water catchment areas.

Whatever the agribusiness challenge, we can help.

Farmers and food producers across Australia rely on our expertise and insights to maximise yields and ROI.

Farm master planning. Horticulture preplanning. Precision agriculture programs.

Take avoidable costs and doubt out of the equation.

Talk to our highly experienced team about your environment surveying, mapping and modelling requirements and find out how we can help you see beyond the terrain to the value-adding opportunities and insights.

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