Seamless expertise.
Seamless infrastructure projects.

Our laser scanning, surveying and modelling tech is market-leading, but it isn’t enough to have the best technology. To extract maximum value from it – and your civil construction or infrastructure project – you need to interpret and add value to the geospatial data and imagery in front of you. That’s where our team’s technical acumen and experience comes in, ensuring you can plan and manage your project as efficiently as possible from day one.

We’ve supported practically every major project across Australia in recent years.

From road and rail infrastructure to ports and airport upgrades and subsurface utilities.

As such, we have strong relationships with local and state authorities – who rely on our expertise from concept and pre-construction – as well as a fleet of aerial and ground-based tech, right across the country.

Speed and precision.

The result is rapid deployment of the best minds and technologies in the business.

From drone capture and drive-by scanning that provides millions of data points to the technical smarts needed to translate all that information into insights, we minimise timeframes and costs at every stage.

We never compromise your deadlines or anyone’s safety.

Just as we have the advanced technical expertise and equipment you need, our experienced team also has the training and certifications you require.

From surveying, spatial, data to sub-surface services.

Concept and design.

  • Aerial surveying and mapping
  • Topographical and feature surveys
  • 3D modelling and visualisations
  • Mobile laser scanning


  • Civil and structural setout
  • Dimensional control
  • Monitoring and audits
  • As-built and asset verification surveys

Operations and maintenance.

  • Plant infrastructure and maintenance
  • Structural deformations and monitoring
  • Conveyor and structural alignments

Make your civil or infrastructure project a success.

Find out from our team how we can not only give you the accurate survey, mapping and modelling imagery and information you want, but the insights you need to improve your management team’s decision-making.

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