MNG Locate embraces technology while expanding across WA

13 May 2021

Embracing Augmented Reality (AR) technology to visualise underground services may have seemed like a far-fetched plan a mere two years ago, but today it is reality for MNG Locate. Aligned to its strategic plan of growth and structured diversification, in the latter half of 2018 MNG set upon the path of building a subsurface utility locating business that would be a force within the industry. It would not be just another business that detected and marked up underground services, but a business that would revolutionise the market.

Adam Neale, MNG Locate Manager, explained that locating services underground was a natural extension for MNG, one of Australias premier surveying and geospatial service providers in Australia. “Technology is embraced throughout the business to accurately survey and map features and assets. For subsurface utilities we use a combination of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) wands, as well as survey grade GNSS positioning systems,” said Mr Neale. “In the past we had a number of clients that had services located by third party locators. When it came to mapping these features in the real world they struggled with the data, calling upon MNG to assist in accurately mapping the subsurface utilities” he added.

In sites that contained a high concentration of services the presentation of data became imperative, to ensure services could be easily and accurately identified. Utilising their skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) MNG were able to present subsurface utilities in a 3D format that could be easily consumed by engineers for design purposes. As a further enhancement, 3D visualisation of these sites to present the information was a natural extension for MNG who have extensive experience in these services. 3D visualisation of the subsurface utilities quickly led to AR for onsite inspection of services and ground truthing of design in the real world. Today MNG Locate lead the market with the ability to locate subsurface utilities which can be exported to virtually any 3D CAD package for a complete 3D model for above and below ground assets and features. Design structures, above and below ground, can easily be added to the 3D model which can then be viewed onsite with AR.

MNG Locate can provide services to suit any project across Western Australia. Highly proficient personnel with up-to-date instruments have experience across the state, including the Kimberley, Pilbara, Mid-West, Goldfields and South West regions. Headquartered at the MNG office in Jandakot in Perth, MNG Locate have also expanded their geographical reach to the West Australian Regional Offices in Broome and Bunbury. Adhering to the AS5488:2019 standards, MNG have fully qualified personnel to undertake all levels of underground service locating.