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Development of Eden Beach Estate

PROJECT: Development of Eden Beach Estate | Jindalee, WA

CLIENT: Satterley Property Group


Eden Beach Estate in Jindalee is a flagship development by Satterley Property Group, conceived at the turn of the century.

Nestled alongside the pristine Jindalee Beach, located within the northern coastal corridor approximately 40km from Perth, the master-planned estate boasts direct access to the beach, landscaped parks and conservation areas, overlooking the Indian Ocean.


Planning and programming a multi-million dollar, multi-year land development requires meticulous survey detail from the time of concept through to release of the titles.
In order to commence the project the environmental consultants, town planners, engineering consultants, government authorities and marketing teams required detailed plans of the existing site plus the proposed development.

Located on the Swan Coastal Plain the planned estate, comprising of over 1250 lots across the 110ha site, required accurate, detailed up to date plans of the site and the surrounding areas. Maximising the lot yield and balancing community areas across the site was crucial to the financial viability of the project.

Inevitably, changes are made from the initial design requiring survey information for the different land parcels including lots, roads, easements and open spaces, to be recomputed, plans to be updated and reissued. Ensuring that all project consultants, along with Satterley’s sales and marketing teams are using the latest plans for design, construction and sales was imperative.


MNG were engaged as survey consultants for the project and completed the first detail survey across the site in 2008. Throughout this period the project consultant team of Cossill and Webley Consulting Engineers, CLE Town Planning and Design, and Epcad Landscape Architects have worked together to deliver over 50 stages of Eden Beach Estate.

To ensure that the team of consultants were working with the most up to date information, MNG Access was utilised throughout the project as a central depository for all plans. As all details relate to the lots and land parcels, which are computed by MNG for the final titles, amendments to any details across the estate would need to be reflected in the survey plans.

Satterley also opted to use MNG to prepare sales plans for the estate where retaining walls, power domes, light poles, water meters, driveways, as well as lot dimensions and areas need to be accurately displayed for prospective buyers. This would also become the base map for online sales plans to present the same accurate information.


Satterley have entrusted MNG for over 15 years on the Eden Beach Estate and in this time MNG has created over 50 survey and sales plans for 1,250 land titles.
In addition to this, over 100 as-constructed plans for the West Australian Water Corporation and the local council, the City of Wanneroo, have been submitted to support the estate.

MNG continue to serve the ongoing development of this estate, with listing street names within Google Maps and adding panoramic imagery to Google StreetView.
Yet again the integrity of core data to provide accurate up to date information is essential to the success of Eden Beach Estate.

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