MNG: Supporting the next generation of surveying professionals

14 July 2022

MNG has a dedicated and continued focus on supporting the development of emerging talent within the Surveying and Spatial Sciences arena. Together in partnership with Curtin University and RMIT University, our scholarship programs demonstrate this commitment by supporting and encouraging the next generation of surveying professionals.

The MNG Surveying Scholarship was created in 2012 to support students undertaking a Bachelor of Surveying degree at Curtin University. Over the last ten years we have continued our commitment, with many past students still employed at MNG to this day!

MNG further strengthened its long-standing relationship with Curtin University, by introducing the MNG Scholarship for Women in Spatial Sciences in 2018. Extending our scholarship opportunities to the East Coast of Australia, MNG partnered with RMIT University to create the MNG Geospatial Science and Surveying Scholarship.

With a commitment to encouraging and supporting female students, the Scholarship for Women in Spatial Sciences provides recipients practical experience, mentorship, and financial assistance. Geospatial Specialist Jasmine Ross was the first recipient of this award and while completing her studies gained work experience with MNG assisting surveyors across the different business disciplines including cadastral and engineering surveying. During this time Jasmine gained valuable real-world experience and the opportunity to meet others within the surveying industry. After graduating from University, Jasmine joined the MNG Geospatial team where she continues to develop her skills with the support of the business. Geospatial Trainee Ainsley Kipling and Survey Assistant Kimmy Benton, both of whom are previous recipients of this award, are also now enjoying fulfilling careers at MNG.

Congratulations to Angelique Western and Kyla Hay who were recently awarded the MNG Women in Spatial Sciences Scholarship and to Justin Chantler on being awarded the MNG Surveying Scholarship for 2022. The inaugural MNG Geospatial Science and Surveying Scholarship with RMIT University in Melbourne was awarded to Jason Mercer. We warmly welcome them to the MNG team at their respective locations.  We also congratulate all students that have completed their studies and look forward to seeing their careers evolve in the surveying and geospatial industries.

MNG is fully committed to these scholarships with senior staff attending the award presentations at the respective universities. Manager of Survey Operations & Logistics, Rob Selby was in attendance to present the awards at the Curtin University Earth and Planetary Sciences 2022 Student Awards Ceremony in Perth. East Coast Operations Manager, Braith McClure attended the RMIT University awards for the School of Science & Health and Biomedical Sciences, which includes the Surveying and Geospatial degree courses.

Further to the 2022 scholarship awards, some of our past recipients were also recognised at the presentations. Dempsey May and Jake Martin were also presented with several awards at the ceremony. We commend Dempsey and Jake for their hard work and determination to achieve these exemplary results.

(Pictured L-R: Justin Chantler, Angelique Western and Jason Mercer. Kyla Hay was unable to attend the awards ceremony.)