Growing Business – MNG Appoints Strategic Development Manager

16th October 2015

Five years in tough Antarctic conditions have prepared Rob Kiernan for life and to tackle the challenging job of finding new business opportunities in a highly competitive and economically tight market as MNG's Manager of Strategic Development.

Rob is the recipient of the Australian Antarctic Medal following four Lambert Glacier Basin traverses whilst spending over 500 days in the Antarctic. Rob was responsible for planning routes, navigation, communications and operation procedures for research expeditions.

This experience demonstrates his unwavering ability to achieve goals under the toughest of conditions, qualities potentially required as Manager of Strategic Development.

Rob's primary vision at MNG is to develop additional strategic markets and business opportunities utilising MNG's existing award winning technologies and services.

Initially, Rob will focus on updating a five year strategic business plan to identify marketing objectives and accommodate new market dynamics for the business. "This will set the framework for annual tactical plans and corresponding budgets for annual reviews and updates to align to market trends, " he said. "I will also be responsible for creating new accounts in these strategic markets."

Rob's background in the surveying industry will be an invaluable asset for MNG. Commencing his career as a surveyor in 1979, Rob moved into project and operational management roles over 14 years working for firms including Fugro, Associated Surveys International, Associated Surveys Australia and Fisher Lewis.

From this he traversed Antarctic glaciers before working with Leica Geosystems, a subsidiary of Hexagon Group as the Business Development and Strategic Marketing Manager. At this time Rob spent much of his time "living out of a suitcase" and for over six years he targeted global manufacturers and worked with international marketing groups to develop and implement strategic marketing plans for business and sales units from the UK to Africa.

His discrete roles and worldwide input on business and marketing strategies enabled him to build up an extensive knowledge and experience of diverse markets and geographical locations in addition to developing strong negotiating skills.

Additionally, Rob has also worked as a General and Sales Manager at Rinex Technology for over 12 years where he established USA and Canadian offices increasing sales by 100% in the first years of business.

Rob's reason for applying for the role is based on his vision for success, which he said mirrored what MNG had achieved over the past 25 years.

"I have been fortunate to have worked with several different organisations, in diverse roles, and a number of great people that have provided me with a depth of knowledge that I can now assist with MNG in setting their forward vision," he said.

"When I looked at MNG and saw what had been achieved over the past 25 years, I wanted to help build the vision for the next 25 years. To achieve this goal I need to ensure that the plan is achievable, yet visionary, so that everyone will welcome the vision and benefit from working at such a great company. I would like to ensure that everyone at MNG will see the benefits of the Strategic Business Plans and to embrace the vision when we roll out the plan."