Shipping forecast: MNG Chair helps Westport Taskforce reach milestone

3rd October 2018

Nicole Lockwood, Independent Chair of the MNG Board, has been bringing her unique set of development and infrastructure insights to the Westport Taskforce, which is mapping out options for the 'inner harbour' at Fremantle, WA.

The Taskforce is preparing a report due out at the end of October that will include trade forecasts and scenarios for Fremantle, as well as Kwinana and Bunbury ports in Western Australia.

Ms Lockwood, who is the Independent Chair of Westport Taskforce, provides strategic advice to government and the private sector in the areas of regional development, infrastructure and stakeholder engagement as Director of Lockwood Advisory

"The report completes the first phase of our assignment, setting the scene in terms of the ports capacity and capabilities, and identifying where the constraints are," Ms Lockwood said.

"The second phase will map out the next 50 to 100 years, putting together an optimum transition plan that will not only be integrated, but that will also be an open process involving all stakeholders, from environmental groups, to peak bodies.

"Technology will be crucial, using maps and spatial data, which is particularly relevant to my role at MNG," Ms Lockwood said.

Scott Anderson, Managing Director and CEO of MNG, said Ms Lockwoods leadership of the Westport Taskforce exemplified the high level of strategic focus she brings to MNG, its projects and its forward planning.

"A strong and driven personality, Ms Lockwoods desire to make a positive difference aligns with MNGs strategic goals and cultural ethos," Mr Anderson said.